Thursday, March 22, 2012

Southwest Pride (Conclusion)

   Here it is, my friends. . . The last and final post of the South 2012 Southwest Detroit Pride Rall outside the Rosa Parks Federal Building/U.S Department of Homeland Security. 2 of the photos features one of the members I was talking to by the name of John Lopez, and their primary objective: To keep the streets of Southwest Detroit clean and safe for children and animals and provide them with a home and social support as well. I suggest non-residents help out on this as well. We want to make Detroit the future and I believe it is. We must help out as we can. Hope you enjoy this post.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Southwest Pride (Part #2)

    You asked for it, here it is . . . Part #2 of Southwest Pride rally outside the Rosa Parks Federal Building or United States Department of Homeland Security. Enjoy and for more info, visit the website at

Monday, March 19, 2012

Southwest Pride (Part #1)

 I'm back for another post, could've posted this earlier, but the boredom catches up to me. When myself and the Rogue Bard crew were out for a day of shooting, we happen to pass a group of people standing outside in the front of the Rosa Park Federal Building/U.S Department of Homeland Security protesting about a community being undocumented. There were those holding up signs saying - We are Michigan, we are undocumented ! There are youth group known as Southwest Pride, from Southwest Detroit, Michigan ! The goal is keep Southwest Detroit clean, garden more vegetables, fruit and etc. Keep the youth and animals off the streets and into safe, warm houses and finally give kids the special services they gladly need. I met up with a man by the name of John Lopez whom is a member of this group and many more of them as well. I'm hoping I get to meet with him and the rest of this group as well. For more info on this group that is trying to do their hardest to make Southwest a great place, make you sure you visit their website at or visit their FaceBook page at One more thing: you can also Email them at . Hope you enjoy this post, because there are more to come.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I want to congratulate my good friend, Kamal Smith for creating & be apart of this feature film that he has created, i'm looking forward to seeing a lot of his work in theaters. I saw him, Diallo & their wonderful mother on the FOX-2 News in the morning show & those referring to him as the Tyler Perry of Detroit. He is a dreamer, and he is making them come true. I also want to give a shout out to Keiona Evans, John Bell, John Hoskins Sr., Dez "Cortez" Crenshaw & Paigion Walker (Friends of mine from Awakenings Movement)who are also a huge part of this movie. I hope you see this movie, i'm hoping to see it as well.