Monday, May 19, 2014

Malcolm X Tribute

    I know it's late, but today is also the Birthday of one the most inspired, but well respected political figures throughout the 21st century ~ Malcolm X, he has revolutionize Black History, well history in General as a true Black Hero and someone who defined the true meaning of a Black man who fought extremism by becoming a member of a Islamic revolution led by the legendary Elijah Muhammad, but came into his own. I liked his speech with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr regarding violence in the end of Spike Lee's: Do the Right Thing. He will be remembered as a Hero, Champion and Legend ! By Any Means Necessary.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Painting Project/It's Just a Hiatus

      The Captain has returned from a 3 month Hiatus from this blog, but I decided to come back, anyway, my Spring Painting Project is completed. 1st, started March Madness with St. Patrick's Day, then followed up with Easter on the month of April and finally completed Mother's Day. The Summer Project is coming soon. I'll keep you posted and, hope you enjoy.