Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Detroit Riverwalk (City-Life Photography) - Part #2

Here's Part #2 of photos from the Detroit Riverwalk as part of the city-life Photography stills. But from the Merry-Go-Round, Part #3 coming soon.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Detroit Riverwalk (City-Life Photography) - Part #1

I'm back, bloggers. I've returned from a I've seem to lost count hiatus from this blog. The Good News is, yes I have a job ! I'm a Sign Twirler for Alluring Advertising. It may not be a great job, but the pay is not too shabby. Finally, my prayers were answered ! I thanked the lord and his son for giving me the chance to provide for the family. However, I've not given up on the world of Photography,i'm going lose touch with it, i'm still going to get a career/job as a professional photographer. On the meantime, here's a blast from the past and that's photos from the Detroit RiverWalk. The Merry Go Round, the Consession Stand and the artworks from students of the College of Creative Studies. I'm thinking about taking my little dog, Rocko out for a walk to the RiverWalk on Woodward Ave. Many more photos are coming soon, so enjoy !

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pet Photography

  I'm back, but with more fascinating photos taking by your's truly. 2 weeks ago, me and the dog went out for a walk down Hines Park on Hines Drive and Ann Arbor Trail and the Sun was setting and the day was beautiful and that's when I thought - get some shots of Rocko roaming free. It was a beautiful day before it snow the next day. I'm looking forward to doing this again someday, maybe later today or something. If your a photographer and pet lover whether be dogs or cats, take some photos of your pets, always keep them safe.  Oh, by the way, didn't tell you this before but you can also find me on the DeviantART website at if you wish to view any of my artworks, put them in your favorites or comment on them, you have to be a DeviantART member. Okay, I hope you enjoy this post, cause I already am, so leave me some comments and i'll get back to you on a later date.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Awakenings Movement - Baptism

Two Weeks ago, Awakenings Movement had a baptism, this was a first for me to ever witness Diallo perform one. Although it was mean those who wish to make a change in their lives, make a difference and i'm very happy and blessed to be one of those people. First off was my good buddy, Wadsworth who was in a video which was created by Fyl Frazze, written by Diallo Smith. He was a brunch conversation with another good friend of mine, Dan. Dan had asked a question: Do you want to give yourself to the lord ? When I heard that question he asked Wadsworth, I wondered the same thing. And Wadsworth did just that by baptism in name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Then, Derek was the next to go up, his wife shed tears of joy when volunteered, that's was when it occured to me, let's this be the 2nd time. And I was the 3rd one going up, not any of you know this, but this was my second time giving myself to the big man upstairs and finally, there was William Smith who had volunteered to give himself to the lord, his daughter was so happy. Now, it's never too late to make that change in life. It really isn't. . . It's also never too late to see what Awakenings is all about. This is only a suggestions, head on out to the Detroit School of Arts on 123 & Seldon in Detroit and take a good luck. God Bless you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Very First Copyright

     This bring back memories, when I first got into William D. Ford I was a mere nobody, didn't know nothing about Photography whatsoever, however I did try, but kept messing up, until this shot of Dave "Jibber" Sobecki proved to be the difference maker. Mr. A (Mr. Louis Amadio) whom was my instructor at the time said that this was my A-Shot. Not although all works of Art don't have to be perfect, but people would continue to comment about it (Positive & Negative). The next year, Fyl Frazze had came up with the Idea of Watermarking, you when the Rogue Bard Media crew took photos of their work, they would always Watermark their photos with the Rogue Bard Media symbol as a copyright. When I started this blog last year, I tried posted my work blank, but Fyl once again gave me the idea of Watermark, show I took under consideration to allow him to help me Watermark what photos I took to post in this blog. This is my very 1st Studio Still for this blog - A head & sholder photograph of Dave "Jibber" Sobecki ! (Forgot to tell you, he's also a photographer as well.)

More Awakenings Favorites

      I'm back from another hiatus, must've been a couple of days. Oh well, here some more photos from Awakenings Movement that are my favorites and made me into a decent Photographer as someone I know said. 1st photo was one woman looking around, wondering what Awakenings is all about, and at last finally understands. 2nd Photo, well, this is my second time posting this, but this copyright tells the story, the other one was copyrighted by Rogue Bard Media. If you want to see more of Rogue Bard Media's photos or videos, check out their website at , visit their FaceBook page which keep the photos posted at that's were the photos are posted and if you like to Tweet them, visit them at . Moving on, and finally this 3rd and final is from Kid Motion which is hosted by Mrs. Jameel Smith, here we have one of the young women looking after the children who are playing some awesome board games like Sorry & Connect Four. I'm gonna keep saying this, so don't hate ! If you want to see what Awakenings Movement is all about, just like that one girl did in the 1st photo, visit Awakenings Movemennt at the Detroit School of Arts every Sunday morning at 10:00am on 123 Seldon in Detroit, MI. You can also learn more at , you can also visit their FaceBook page and Twitter page. Hope you enjoy this post, cause you know I'am.