Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First day on the Job.

   My First day on the Job for Detroit Essence was decent, but not too shabby. However this is still a Trial Work Expierence for 4 weeks though. But still i'm very anxious to working with the models and going out to photoshoots and weddings as well. For more info on Detroit Essence of Photography, look up the website.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July Fireworks

The Captain has returned to and I hope you had an excellent 4th of July Celebration, and to think I was going enjoy the holiday empty-handed. Could've gone to the Fireworks out in Detroit, but it wasn't mean't to be, until next year. However shot some Fireworks stills around the Neighborhood for better luck and I have to tell you, these shots are pretty damn good ! I'm looking forward to doing more next year. Either on the Spree or on the Detroit Princess Boat. Well, more post coming soon, so enjoy !

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This is the 1st time, I ever took pictures of an actual Softball game, and probably the last. But i'm looking forward to shooting more stills of sports games like Baseball, Basketball, Football and etc. Anywho, the game was shot out on Hines Drive on Ann Arbor Trail, the teams were represented by Wayne County Parks. 2 Men making an Home Run in the first two stills, while in the 3rd still, one hits that ball hard like he was Sammy Sosa ! Last Still, one throwing the ball like a soldier and the 4th still, players saying: "Hey, good game." I've taken more stills of these games throughout last month. Hope I do more Sports stills. More post coing soon, so enjoy.

At the Riverwalk.

      Here some stills taken at the Detroit Riverwalk. Myself and Rogue Bard Media were getting ready to shoot a video, until riverwalk security caught us and spefically told us we weren't authorized to shoot videos unless we were to sign a permit. However we did our video outside the Cove on the Detroit International Riverfront. However that didn't stop me from getting a photo of certain news reporter named Curtis Smith of MyTV20 viewing the surroundings with the MyTV20 Video Camera. Anywho, more post coming soon, so enjoy.

Good News

 The Captain has returned and with some exciting news, well two to be exact. 1st, thanks to my Social Worker, I'll be doing some Photography work for Brian Williams at Detroit Esscence of Photography which is located on 21700 Greenfield in Oak Park, MI 48237. Although this will be a TWE (Trial Work Expierence), but at least something good will come out of it. 2nd, I'll be making my PAHfest debut along with the Rogue Bard Media crew sometime around this season of Summer. I'm looking forward into these events. More post coming soon. . .