Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awakenings Movement Favorite

     Here's another favorite photo I took at Awakenings Movements. Although I did another one like this, but asked Danielle to sit on the rear of the windows and look outside to even it up, but for this one, the subject was unaware that I was getting a photograph of him which is one of my best photos along with the woman praying on stage at Kuumba's Cove on the first post of this blog. If you wish to come out to the Big-D (Downtown Detroit) to see what Awakenings Movement is all about, head on down to the Detroit School of Arts on 123 Seldon in Detroit, Michigan so you can get your church on and there you'll meet Diallo Smith, who is the Architect, brains behind the Awakenings Movement, also you meet up with Jameel Smith, who is the brains behind Kid Motion. If you feel that you are in need of refreshment, head down to Kuumba's Cafe where Daune Smith can hook you up.  I thank Rogue Bard Media for Watermarking with their logo. By the way, if you want to know what Awakenings is all about, visit online at, for all you FaceBook fans, visit their page at & for those of you who like to Tweet, visit

Monday, January 23, 2012

Man Cave

Ah, last year the Rogue Bard Media crew & myself did another video project known as the Man Cave. it's a tale of 3 grown men (Fyl Frazze, Danno Dowell & Your's truly) in a dollhouse gossiping Football, Vacationing, Gun Collection & etc. This is got to be the most funniest videos i've took apart in. For more on this funny video & more, including Monday Zen. Visit the Rogue Bard page at or visit their respective FaceBook or Twitter pages. For you FaceBook fans, visit: For those who like to Tweet, Tweet at should you have any questions.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963

Today, we celebrate the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by calling January 16th, MLK Day in rememberance of Dr. King who is one of the most proud and historical figures of all time. He is famous for the I have a dream speech which had led to freedom between those of Race, Color, Religion & Ethincs as we all joined hands in brotherhood, but on April of 1968, Dr. King was assasscinated by convict James Earl Ray and this shocked an entire nation. This link from YouTube tells the story. His favorite quotes inspired many. I have a dream, let freedom quote. Hate can't drive out Hate, only Love can. Now is the time to make real promises of democracy, love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality. Somehow this madness must cease, Darkness, can't drive out Darkness, only Light can. I have decided to love. . . We as a people will get to that promise land. This goes to show how we as a unit can prevail, prosper to a brighter future. For more videos about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visit at to check out more on the Good Dr. as he will always be remembered and never forgotten as he led us down the path to brotherhood.

City-Life Photos - Detroit (Part #2)

   I'm back once more with photos of Downtown Detroit, Michigan and finally got a shot of the Detroit's Fist meaning we will succeed. Also the shot of that big circle right behind the rock that says Transcoding, but behind the circle are slogans from those who were infamous around the state of Michigan. For example An injury to one is a concern of all - the Knights of Labor in 1869. Were just honest working men that have been working so far and so hard that we can't keep it up any longer - Frances O' Rourke, whom was a sitdown striker  for UAW-GM, Flint, Michigan in 1937. Also we took shots down by the Detroit Riverwalk, makes me wanna walk my dog through the Riverwalk one day. The Raymond James Building, Blue Cross Blue Shield and etc. Now for those of you who like to Bet & Gamble, the party begins at Greektown, although it's been quiet since Motor City opened up. Still wanna go to both of them someday sooner or later. Finally there's the Metro Times buildings, makes me want to work there, but then again it's not too late to apply for a job at Metro. Well, more photos coming soon, i'm looking forward to the Auto Show which is already in progress. We'll see what happens, in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this blog, cause you know I'am.

City-Life Photos (Part #1) - Detroit

   Detroit, Michigan. . . Home away from home and these photos tell the absolute story. Me and good buddy, Fyl Frazze went out to Detroit to get some good shot of the Big-D on Woodward, Ave. One complied by the GM Building photo that it was cool crisp photograph and yes it is and I totally believe him.
     However the photo of the RenCen was shot in a decent position as well as the Port Detroit and the Woodward sign as well. Anywho, more photos of the Big-D on the way, wish I still my photos of Ypsilanti as well. But for right now, enjoy these photos and i'll get back to you.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday of a Pug !!!

    That's right, today is Rocko's 8th Birthday. . . I'm so happy for this dog, now most of you pets lovers if you already have a pug or want a pug, this breed is very adorable, fun-loving type of dog on the face of planet earth. In my opinion, it's the number #1 or if some of you like others such as a Golden Retriever, Dalmation, Poodle's, then there okay. Pugs are no. 1, funny-looking but fun-loving. Every time I think about dogs like this being neglected and abused or even worse by their home-owners, I feel nothing but anger, rage & disgust over the situation and the owners who would purchase one of these creatures and treat it like dirt and love it to death, not just in Michigan & in the United States, but the entire world. That's why we have the Michigan Pug Rescue and if you wish to learn more about the rescue, visit to find about more on finding a home for these loving pets. Whenever you need a companion, the Pug is always around you and there for you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Countdown to Rocko's Birthday

   What's up blogger fans and metro Detroiter's, i'm back and were less than 3 days away for the birthday of one and only Rocko the Pug. And right now, i'm still in the middle of figuring out what to do for his birthday. But if any of you have suggestions, i'll reply back to you. If only I had the equipment, i'd be giving him a birthday photoshoot. Well, someday I will. Hope you enjoy this blog which is about to be short, if you have any questions, comments and concerns, check out this blog at or if you like, visit my facebook page at or if you like Tweet me, visit I hope you enjoy post and this blog, you know I'am.

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Blog of the Year 2012

  What's up my friendly neighborhood bloggers and Happy New Year, this is my first blog of the year, sorry for the hold up and announcing tonight or 1 week hiatus, anywho I've been wanting to let you know that this year is going to be different, so be ready for the changes that are going to be inevitable. I can promise you on that, I'm in the middle of setting some goals and personal planning and I want them to work out as soon as possible. I'm gonna hope and pray on it. But for right now, In the meantime, I was out in Detroit taking picture of the Big-D yesterday, hopefully I can get some more Night-Life photos of Detroit as well. Speaking of Detroit, the 2012 Detroit International Auto Show is coming up on January 14th-22nd, so if your looking to go, better get some tickets, go out to Cobo Hall and check out the off the hook vehicles, for those who are photographers who are going out to get some photos, I know your going to be there clicking those shutters away as you take photos of the cars of the future. I'm looking forward into going myself and taking photos and posting them up. Speaking of January, on the 15th is Rocko's Birthday, that's right Rocko "Mr. Pugo" Walker turns 8 years old this year, i'll be posting up his birthday celebration in due time. Like I said, there will be some goals that'll be planned out soon enough, no doubt my Rogue Bard Media friend, Fyl has a few surprises in store for me that's involves the project: Can't Get No Play ! Don't forget, we still need a woman to play a important role for the project. Or two or three, I don't know. For info on Can't Get No Play, visit the Rogue Bard Media website at or visit their FaceBook ot Twitter pages. For all you FaceBookers, it's and for you Twitters who just oh so love to Tweet, it's Well, hope your enjoying this blog, cause you know I'am, so continue to enjoy and i'll be back with more posting and i'll get back to you then.