Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Photos of 2011 & Looking Back

   I'm back, my friends and Happy New Year. Were about 2 &1/2 hours away from the New Year, but it's okay to look back on the past, but these photos tell the story in my point of view. That's why i'm here to present my favorite photos of 2011. 1st one is from the Awakenings Movement celebration a week ago on December 24th where everyone was embracing and having fun, I certainly did. 2nd is from the Bike-A-Thon fundraiser a week before, I was surprised the background wasn't in focus and not the woman riding the bike, other than that it's still a damn good picture. 3rd is from the Deathwatch project that myself, Rogue Bard Media and students from the William D. Ford Career Technical Center worked on last summer of soon to be last year. The shot of Marty (played by Devon Winters) lying on the floor drunk is considered to be my no. 1 photo out of all of them. And I also played an important role in it as well. 3rd is the shot I took of the GM Building out in Detroit, i'm surprised I didn't even use a tripod for that shot and still no motion blur, despite the fact, this is my favorite Night-Shot and finally the shot I took in the Wayne County Lightfest, This one I used a Tripod and this one turned out excellent. I'm looking forward to taking more pictures and putting them in my favorites of 2012. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can find me at my FaceBook page at or should you like to tweet me, find me at and i'll tweet you back. Hope to see again in 2012, wish you happiness. . .

Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Post of the Year

    Well, 2011 was a pretty decent year, although things didn't go well as I wanted to be. But I still finished the Digital Media Production program at William D. Ford Career Techinical Center, hung out with the Rogue Bard Media team for Awakenings Movement, Chico's Blues and Muse & other projects Rogue Bard has done or put on the backburner, but I still would like to thank them, cause if it hadn't been for them, then i'd be walking a dead end path, however things will change for the better in 2012, cause I made a promise on FaceBook that 2012 will be the year the Captain gets his just due by making a living no matter what it takes.
    I'm going to keep struggling, fighting, praying, running until I get that Big Break that I oh so want. Hope you all out there pray for me as well. And by the way, this is my last post of the year, 2011, i'll be back with many more coming next year and hopefully, no, god be willing that the my day in the sun will shine on me. I want to also say thank you to the people at Awakenings Movement for giving me the opportunity to take some decent photos for them. Look for photos at their FaceBook page at, for more information, head to their website at or should you wish to tweet them, check this out at If you wish to check out the projects created by Rogue Bard Media or for more info on Rogue Bard, visit one of these pages. 1st is which is there home site, you can also check out the Artwoks created by my good buddy, Fyl Frazze's wife, Krystal. 2nd is should you wish to get a glimpse of the projects (Photo & Video) they've been working on. Finally for all you Twitter fans who like to tweet, it's I hope you enjoy this blog I created for you, my friends, don't forget to find me on FaceBook, which is or if you want to tweet me on Twitter, find me at Thank you and as always keep the faith, God Bless. . . Peace !

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dave "Captain" Walker @ The Christmas at Kuumba's Cove Poetry Night

Hey, guess what I found. . . It's your truly, at Kuumba's Cove speaking his peace at Kuumba's Cove once again for a one night only fundraiser. I was a little nervous at first (when I 1st gone on stage for the first time.), but I got the job done, just like that. I finally wanted to get that nervousness out by screaming at 5:21. Next time, I should try not to move. Anywho, i'm actually working on a book called Tomorrow People, it's about Real-Life Drama, Media, Events that change the change of history, Equal Opportunites & etc. Looking forward to going to other Poetry venues in the metro detroit area. For more videos like this and many more, check out the website at Don't forget to visit YouTube page at, you can also find them on FaceBook & Twitter. you can visit one of these pages, the 1st is should you wish to FaceBook them or if you want to Tweet them, visit their Twitter page at should you have any questions, comments or concerns visit one of these 4 pages. In the meantime, enjoy this video and should you have any questions, comments or concerns for me, let me know & i'll get back to you sometime, Peace !

Awakenings Movement Celebration (Part #2)

   Here it is, Part #2 of the Awakenings Movement Celebration that took place inside of the Detroit School of Arts on Christmas Eve (December 24th), these photos begins with the ever so lovely Fara Moan whom told us a story about her past Christmas when she was in her childhood all the way to her adulthood. She is a very interesting poet, and I hope to see more of her for future poetry venues at either 1917 American Bistro, Manilla Bay Cafe, Nandi's Knowledge or the Liv Restro in the metro Detroit area. Next we have Diallo who is getting his preach on. (I never knew he & Kamal were brothers). Looking forward to the new series for Awakenings. 3rd is from Kid Motion which is created by Diallo's lovely wife, Ms. Jameel Smith, who enjoys telling the youth about how the lord has done for us and how we praise him. If you have a son, daughter, grandson, grand-daughter, great-grandson, great grand-daughter,niece or nephew, I suggest you bring on down to Kid Motion, meet up with Jameel and she'll take from there and finally we have the Awakenings band closing with some chruch going music to dance to. There you have it, more photos will be coming soon, so for right now, enjoy and remember, will be returning to Awakenings on January 8th, 2012 at the Detroit School of Arts on 123 & Seldon in Downtown Detroit, MI 48021 and if you're not there, tough luck, bring 2 or 3 more people like Diallo says and for more information about this movement, visit the website at: If you want, visit the FaceBook page at or Tweet at Well, if you have any question about this blog or what I just posted, you know what to do and i'll reply back to ya. Oh and you can also find me on FaceBook at or visit my Twitter page at Well, Hope you enjoy this blog and i'll return to you soon.

Awakenings Movement Celebration (Part #1)

I'm back my friends & back with more photos, this past Saturday on December 24th (Christmas Eve), the Awakenings Movement Celebration was jam packed. I didn't know it was going to be this packed, but then again it Awakenings, you'll never know who might or might not show, however the pictures tell the story. It starts off with Choir (Kamal Smith, Jamie Mitchell & the 3rd choir member, I need to get her name.) as the audience was getting there church on followed by the announcements made by my good buddy, Dan, who usually subs for Diallo when he's not around, he does a pretty good job preaching, other than that the Movement got the hugging and loving and there was nothing they could do about it. Heh, heh. . . I like that line. But this was the last Awakenings Movement of the year, we hope you come on January the 8th in the year of 2012, bring 2 or 3 more people with you, there you can meet Diallo, Jameel, Dan, Daune & many more coming up on the 8th. Remember if you want more information on Awakenings Movement, please visit the website at, find them on Facebook on or on Twitter at Well, enjoy these part one of this blog of photos, part two coming soon, so enjoy and i'll get back to you from there.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bike-A-Thon (Part #1)

    What's up, Metro Detroiters and Merry Christmas on this Holiday Weekend and yes tomorrow is Christmas and to tell you the truth it's feels like it's practicly here. Remember the One Night Open Mic Night at Kuumba's Cove ? Well, the open mic night was actually a fundraiser to help purchase bikes to give away to the youngsters as a Christmas gift to show our support for the youth and our way of giving back to the community. This is Part #2 of the Fundraiser which is a Bike-A-Thon orcastrated by my good friend, Diallo Smith who is not only the creator of Kuumba's Cove, but the Minister and Architect for Awakenings Movement. Also, my other good friends, Kamal Smith, Keiona Evans, Damian Gabriel and others was on hand as the goal was to ride from the cove all the way to Belle Isle to the front of Cobo Hall and back to the cove. I had to take these from inside Fyl Frazze's Van and outside the freezing cold. Damn, should've brought an extra jacket when I had the chance. Oh well, for more on these photos, you can check them out, that is if on there. the website is - the official Awakenings Movement website where you have any questions, ask Diallo or look for Awakenings on or Tweet at In the meantime, enjoy these photos and Part #2 of this post coming soon. Should you have any Questions, comments and concerns, you know what to do and i'll reply back to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friends.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

   Were less than 6 days away from the Big Day which is Christmas on Sunday, December 25th which is this weekend and I want to give a big shoutout to you all out there by wishing all of you a safe and well celebrated holiday season. Christmas is not really about the gifts and decorations, it's really about the birth of our lord Jesus Christ who had died for our sins in order for us to live on, see the rest of the future and give as a way of showing out our appreciation. In my book, that is what the spirit of Christmas is all about and i'm sure you believe the same thing. To all the young folks out there, i'm sure Santa is going through his Nice & Naughty list to see who has been Nice or Naughty, if you've been nice , then good fortune is on your side, if you've been Naughty, then tough luck. But on the real, Hope you have an blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, more photos will be coming soon and i'll get back to you from there.

Christmas at Kuumba's Cove (Part #2)

      Here it is, Part #2 of this Blog of the Open Mic Night in Kuumba's Cove out in Downtown Detroit and yes, the second photo is of your's truly. Photograph taken by Fyl Frazze, creator of the Rogue Bard Media Production who is currently working on a video that is coming soon, so patience is that of a virtue. Also, a man who is really my age - Deonte Osayande was on hand as well as a lovely woman by the name of Jayne Marie Smith was on hand as well, although she and I, along with Fyl had a decent conversation after the Open Mic Night was coming to a close, hope to see a lot more of her. Kuumba's Cove is a place of poetry, but a place of Art, so if there are any local artist from inside or outside the metro Detroit area and you wish to display your art at this gallery, stop by and talk to the lovely Daune Smith, who is the co-creator of Kuumba's Cove.
    The location is 227 Iron Street east of Jefferson in Detroit, Michigan, I hope you visit this fascinating art gallery and see the artworks that were displayed by some of the best talented artists in and out Detroit and like I said if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please see Daune and she'll take it from there, but in the meantime, hope enjoy the photos from this two-part blog and i'll get back to you from there.

Christmas at Kuumba's Cove (Part #1)

What up, Metro Detroiters ! I'm back to present to you another post for today. Last Friday Night, for those who weren't there that night, it was announced by the creator of Kuumba's Cove, Diallo Smith that we have a one night only poetry night featuring the most talented and wacky poets around the city of Detroit, including your's truly, I rocked the house that night with poems that I written and a preview of a poem i'm working on called Tomorrow People, it's about my perspective on what's happen then and now. there'll are five chapters to the story, one will be about reality drama, some will be about the life and times of Detroit, events that changed history and many more. Right now, this is Part #1 of this blog where it's from the host, Diallo Smith with the introductions and one man who is the 3rd photograph, I forgot his name, but the open mic poets were none other than the infamous Cesear Torreano, you can catch him every thursday night from 9:00pm - 12:00am as he is the host of Nandi's Knowledge Cafe. The Lovely but talented Fara Moan was on hand, as well as my church going friend, Lucky whom I see sundays for Awakenings Movement which is at the Detroit School of Arts on 123 & Seldon in Detroit, MI. The other two, I seem to forget their names, but i'll remember their names sooner or later, but anyway enjoy Part #1 of these photos and part #2 coming soon.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wayne County Lightfest

   I'm back, What up, Metro Detroiters ! Sorry to keep you waiting for the next blog. Now for those who live in the Livonia , these pictures seem quite familiar to you. The Wayne County Lightfest which is still in progress. It's from November 17th thru December 31st (New Year's Eve) and it cost only $5.00 to get in.
    I suggest you go out there, enjoy the ride and the lights. Take pictures if need be, for me, it took me the opportunity to walk out at 6:00pm in the evening to take these pictures with the help of a Tripod. However, the lights are very colorful and tasteful, but the photos don't have that motion blur like the last Night shot I did and put up on the last blog. In the meantime, enjoy these photo and if any questions, comments and concerns. you know what to do and reply right back to you.