Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hines Park Car Show (Part #3)

    I'm back again and it's the weekend and with Part #3 of stills of the 2013 Car Show and here's two stills of a gold Pontiac GTO, the Interior and Exterior of the Car shows drastic results.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Car Show at Hines Park

   This past weekend, the 2013 Car Show was jampacked in Hines Park. Cars from past decades were on display for show. Others were driven on Hines Drive. Makes me want to get one of these vehicles on day. The Outside of the Vehicle, the Designs, along with the Inside as well as the Engines were worth the shots. Looking to another Car Show like this, perhaps the NAIAS(North American International Auto Show) next year. More Stills coming soon, for now enjoy.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

U-Detroit Cafe

      The U-Detroit Cafe, we did a shooting interview with Chico in the upper level of this cafe for PAHfest. We saw a little bit of a show from the musicians like these indiviuals. Although I can't remember their names, but they did an awesome show and performed with excellent. More stills of Detroit coming soon.

Comeback Detroit

     Happy Sunday, my friends. The Weather isn't too shabby, Back to school week is right around the corner as well as the season of Autumn.  And the City of Detroit is trying to make a comeback. Let's all hope and pray for the best. And, hey ! Shooting of Transformer 4 is already on schedule now. These stills of Downtown Detroit, including outside the Music Hall: Jazz Cafe are the examples. More stills of Detroit coming soon.