Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blast of the Past - Part #2: DeathWatch Trailer - Rick

      Here's another blast from the Past during my escapdes with Rogue Bard Media, this is a character trailer from 2012 movie created by Rogue Bard Media and students of William D. Ford Career Technical Center, Deathwatch ! I play Rick - the Token Black Guy who puts %100 effort into his work, but gets treated like crap by his employers, Marty and Jimmy (played by Don Druyor and Devon Winters). He's shows the new guy, Carl (played by Cale LaBean) all the tips on how to deal with the Paranormal activities to gain fame. Fyl said that this was going to be the worst movie ever, but I really recommend that you should see this movie for yourself to see what you think. For more on DeathWatch, visit the Rogue Bard Media Website at

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Walker 2012 - Blast from the Past: Part #1

    A Blast from the Past, last year Rogue Bard Media and myself done a project on what we think of Joseph Kony and the invisible children campaign. However, the real Joseph Kony is still on the loose in the lower levels of Uganda and must be stopped from recruiting more innocent children into his sinister army, for more info, please visit the website at and find out on how you can help bring this terrorist scum to justice. For more info on other project by myself and the Rogue Bard crew, visit

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post of 2013

     Hello, Bloggers and I hope you had a Happy New Year, This is my 1st post of the year, 2013 and here are some Paintings that I've done so far. 1st off is the Sunrise on the beach, whenever you head out to the Beach and if you want to take a photograph and yet you wish to paint an exact duplicate, this one I would recommend, Next we have a painting of a storm that is about to approach, meaning the sky is gray and waves in the water are growing stronger. I would be looking forward shooting a stills of it with a model of course. More of my Artworks will be coming soon, more question, give me an email and respond back to you, so enjoy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013