Friday, February 15, 2013

Food Stills - Part #2

More Food stills, Always have the Pac-Man fever with that Pizza. Sometimes I like ordering a Sub Sandwich with a Tossed Salad on the side with Italian Dressing. The Pizza is from Primo's Pizzeria in Livonia, MI and the Sub and Salad are from Bionde's Pizza and Sub restaurant in Dearborn, MI. Hope you visit. More Stills on the way coming soon.

Food Stills

   I've returned from a 3 week hiatus, just so many issues going on. . . Ever thought about taking pictures of your food, well these stills are the result. My Sister asked this question to me, "You ever thought about taking pictures of Food ?" I said: "Yes !" How would like your Chicken ? Grilled, Original or Broasted ? Should've put Extra Crispy on there, but oh well. Got these from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Primo's Pizza out in Livonia. More Stills coming soon.